December 2, 2012

This is probably my favorite story that I have the opportunity to share with you. My coach came to our practice today with a bright smile on his face. After running through our warm up he called us in so he could tell us what the plan was for today’s practice. After running through the practice he told us all to sit as he had something to tell us. We all sat down looking around anxiously at each other, wondering what it was he was about to tell us, your big tournament was starting the next day so everyone’s nerves were on edge.

He told us that after we had raised the money for the girl to go to the tournament he went to her house to drop off the money, just an hour before the bus was leaving to take the girls to the tournament. He was greeted by the mother who told him that she had just told her daughter that they did not have the funds needed for her to participate in the tournament. The girl was devastated. Coach asked where she was. She was in her bedroom, he walking in and told her to pack her bags. She asked him why? He told her that we had raised the money for her to go. She jumped up and packed her bags and made it just in the knick in time to make it to her tournament. He told us that she had a huge smile that spread across her entire face. Her mother was extremely grateful.

She was a new player so in the first game of the tournament her coach did not play her as he did not know what kind of skill she had. The team lost their first game. Some of the older girls insisted that the coach put her in for the next game. He reluctantly did and she scored 6 goals in the first game. She played every game after that, scoring a total of 26 goals. She won top goal scorer of the tournament and her team won first place in the tournament.

The only thing that stood in the way of this girl doing what she is extremely talented in was a simple question of money. I am so happy that we were able to give this girl a chance of a lifetime. It makes me wonder how many others are out there who possess a talent but are unable to display it because of a lack of funds or materials. I am glad that my team was given the opportunity to assist this talented young girl live her dream, I hope that we can do more in the future.

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