December 3-7,2012

South African Soccer Nationals! This was yet another one of my favorite experiences since I arrived here. I remember the day it was confirmed that we qualified for nationals, we were all so excited. The excitement began to wear off as we began seriously training for the tournament, practicing two times a day and giving up time on the weekends to practice as well. We all worked hard and encouraged each other to keep working towards the big tournament.

We were definitely underdogs in the tournament but that did not stop us from playing our hardest, leaving everything on the field. Our team had become united with each other. A week of soccer, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Each of my teammates worked their hardest leading up to the tournament and they gave everything on the field. Although we played with heart we ended the tournament in second to last place. Not what we were expecting but it showed us that we could play at a higher level than we had previously been playing at. It also isn’t too bad considering we played against players that had just been at the Olympics playing for their respective countries.

It took a lot out of each of us but we all miss it, we all wish that we could have another tournament but the season starts again in February. I will have to wait until then, I really can’t wait though!

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